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An extracurricular institute
for higher awareness

MAY 2, 2010 •  NEWS UPDATE  •  upcoming events


"Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life"

with Polly Cady-Kelsey, Certified Graphologist


Did you know that by crossing your "t"s higher, you can improve your self esteem? How about attracting abundance into your life? The way you form your "f"s when you write can actually help.

A fun and informative class that deals with the meaning and the use of the alphabet, as we know it, will be held Saturday, May 21, from 10 am to 5 pm at Pagosa Lodge (front meeting room). Polly Cady-Kelsey, an internationally known certified graphologist from Grand Junction, will teach "The Alphabet According to Polly."

Each letter in the alphabet will be explained in a positive way. "Each letter has many meanings," explains Polly, "and you will see them unfold into an understandable, clear communication tool that helps you understand the way people are through the use of handwriting." Each of Polly's classes is a unique experience that some may call different or think it doesn't work that way. However, science has a hand in the process and so does logic.

Polly will show you how to form the letters the correct way, in order to write and print and enhance your thinking and creative abilities. The class guarantees that you will have a wonderful time exploring the unknown world of Handwriting Analysis and petroglyph writing.

Polly Cady-Kelsey has taught extensively in the art and study of handwriting. The class will include Polly's book, The Hidden Code of Handwriting. Cost is just $45 per person, or $80 for a couple. Children and teens may take the class for just $40.

To register or obtain more information, call Annie Miller, 759-2983

This workshop will be held Saturday, May 21
from 10 am to 5 pm
at Pagosa Lodge (front meeting room)

 Cost is $45 per person or $80 for a couple
and $40 for children and teens


 To sign up for this workshop, call Annie
(970) 759-2983

Young people are especially encouraged to sign up!


For further information, call (970) 759-2983 or e-mail


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