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An extracurricular institute
for higher awareness

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The 501(c)3 nonprofit Southwest Light and Learning Center was founded on November 22, 2009 in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We are an institute for higher awareness, and we offer education through movies, classes, seminars and retreats, in order to bring like-minded people together and to help people adapt to the changes ahead as our Earth makes her transition to a new dimension.

Ann Ulrich Miller came to Pagosa Springs in May 2009 with the idea of starting a center. She met other newcomers who came to the Four Corners area for the same reason. Ann was president of Southwest Light for a year and a half, and then was called away to continue her work in the Pacific Northwest. She continues to support the nonprofit through consultation and Web updates, and is also the publisher of The Star Beacon, a spiritual monthly newsletter that has been in print since April 1987.

Ray Larsen is president of Southwest Light and Learning Center. Ray lives in Pagosa Springs and works with electronic equipment. He is a HAM radio operator and played in a rock and roll band that traveled around the country. Ray's interest in the paranormal has led to his much loved column called "Radio Waves" in The Star Beacon. He often leads the discussions after our alternative monthly movies.

Heidi Moller moved with her husband Mark Kimmel from Fort Collins to Pagosa Springs in summer of 2009. Heidi is vice president of Southwest Light and Learning Center.

Iwetta ("Yvette") Luckhaus is Southwest Light's Program Director who took over Ann's duties in May 2011. Iwetta is the workhorse of the nonprofit and the person to turn to when you need to know something. She was born in Poland and lived in Germany and Hawaii before moving to Colorado with her two children. We are happy to have Iwetta at the helm, so to speak!

There are many other great folks in our community who have helped in various ways to bring Southwest Light and Learning Center into being, and the vision continues to develop and grow, with new things happening all the time. We welcome you to join in our activities and attend our monthly movies. You'll soon discover why our number is growing -- all the fantastic people! Be sure to check our Web site and our new blog often!

Send me an e-mail with your ideas for courses and seminars you'd like to see.    Program Director

For Young People

We offer courses and seminars for different age categories:

Opportunities for Teachers & Therapists

Are you a healer or facilitator with an expertise to share?

The Southwest Light and Learning Center is seeking teachers and therapists who wish to present their knowledge and abilities, either through classes or seminars and retreats. To apply, print out the teacher application. For more information, please contact the Director.

Southwest Light Center • P.O. Box 5967 • Pagosa Springs CO 81147