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An extracurricular institute
for higher awareness

AUGUST 18, 2011  NEWS UPDATE  •  upcoming events


Southwest Light Center is starting a new blog. Please check back soon.

For more information on our nonprofit, call president Ray Larsen at 970-731-1132 or email us.

Send me an e-mail with your ideas for courses and seminars you'd like to see.    Program Director

For Young People

We offer courses and seminars for different age categories:

Opportunities for Teachers & Therapists

Are you a healer or facilitator with an expertise to share?

The Southwest Light and Learning Center is seeking teachers and therapists who wish to present their knowledge and abilities, either through classes or seminars and retreats. To apply, print out the teacher application. For more information, please contact the Director.

Southwest Light Center • P.O. Box 5967 • Pagosa Springs CO 81147