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An extracurricular institute
for higher awareness

AUGUST 16, 2011  • NEWS UPDATE  •  upcoming events


Southwest Light and Learning Center is looking for teachers and class facilitators to join our curriculum. Six-week sessions run year round (two sessions per quarter with only one session in the summer). Workshops and seminars are in great demand. If you are interested in teaching a six-week class that meets once or twice a week, for two or three hours per period, please submit your proposal:

Your Name _____________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

Contact info ____________________________________________________

Subject ________________________________________________________

Description _____________________________________________________

Topics covered __________________________________________________

List any special materials needed ___________________________________


List any prerequisites for students __________________________________

List preferred days and times ______________________________________

Southwest teachers will be paid 50 percent of the tuition collected. Students pay $5.00 per credit-hour with the following options: Single 2-hr. class (meets for six weeks, once a week), Single 3-hr. class (meets for six weeks, once a week), Double 2-hr. class (meets for six weeks, twice a week), Double 3-hr. class (meets for six weeks, twice a week).

There will be a requirement of a minimum number of students in order for a class to happen. This minimum will be determined by the teacher before the session begins. If not enough students sign up, the class will be canceled.

Payment to teachers will be administered after the first three weeks (half) and after the course is ended (the remainder). Pay is on a contract basis. Teachers will be responsible for reporting income and paying any taxes due.

You may print out and mail in this application to:
SOUTHWEST LIGHT CENTER • P.O. Box 5967 • Pagosa Springs CO 81147

For Young People

In addition to the classes for adults, Southwest Light and Learning Center offers classes to the younger generation:

INDIGO COLLEGE (for ages 13 & up)

CRYSTAL COLLEGE (for ages 9 to 12)

RAINBOW COLLEGE (for ages 4 to 8)

If you are interested in teaching a class for youth in any of the three categories, please include your proposal.

For more information, please contact the Director.